Friday, April 1, 2011

the quilts of Ann Brauer--April Fool's Day news

Hope all is well with you. As you may know I just finished doing a series of three craft shows--I  even got to meet several of you--how nice--but it does feel good to get home and start working on my orders and new quilts, My mind is spinning with new ideas and designs--I can hardly wait. Of course just as the snow drops began to bloom, Mother Nature decided to drop snow. Ugh--I didn't need that for April Fool's Day. Oh well, it is pretty and won't last long.

This will be a rather short news letter this time--the No Holds Barred Show at the New England Quilt Museum goes until April 6. The Salmon Falls Artisan Gallery is now re-open after some more renovations. If you make it to Shelburne Falls do visit my quilt "medieval views" which they have displayed in a wonderful and dramatic location. Spring really is coming--the Bridge of Flowers was supposed to open today--probably in a day or so--and of course you can visit my studio if I am there (do call first as I am planning a couple of home visits to discuss custom orders.) In July I will be doing the Guilford Craft Expo on the Town Common in Guilford, CT. This year the show will run from July 14-17 as they have added Sunday for the show. Another fun show that I am looking forward to.

Meanwhile after much thought I decided that the April quilt will be "endless sky" Now I love this quilt--it is 45 x45 inches. Cotton, cotton batting--machine pieced and quilted using my usual quilt-as-you go method.  I made it a couple of years ago. The regular price of "endless sky" is $1200 but for the next ten days it will be $500 plus shipping and taxes. Obviously this is a first come/first serve offer so if you are interested do e-mail me. Another quilt will be posted in May. The quilt is SOLD.

And for those interested in smaller items--I have redesigned my eyeglass cases slightly using the very thin strips of fabric similar to what I am using for the pillows. The eyeglass cases are still $20. I have made a few other color combinations since I took this picture. They are fun to do--and I may also make some for cell phones--what do you think?

Thanks so much for reading. I do hope to see many of you soon.


  1. WOW
    Oooo so tempting! But after the last show i had, i bought a painting i have yet to finance. Lol

  2. Ann, I'm more and more mesmerized by your work. I'm actually on the lookout for a sunglasses case. Is there a place online where your smaller works can be viewed? Thank you

  3. Thanks Monika. The quilt does now have a happy home. But someday....

  4. Thanks Elena. So far I don't yet have a place online to show some of my smaller works--I am working on it and will post when I have a selection.