Thursday, February 17, 2011

the promise of spring and pillows

Oh what a gorgeous day it is. This morning the sun rose coloring the sky in hues of rose and peach, magenta and blue. Pink and more pink. It was splendid and so inspirational. I hurried into the studio to start making pillows in these wonderful colors. There is the promise of spring in the air.

Recently I was on a fascinating chat on Twitter. The question was about color. The participants were mainly interior decorators. The ideas flew more quickly than I could type or even read. Color. How vital it is. Is there an ugly color? Or even an ugly palette? What about pink? Pink and brown? Greys. Black and navy. Would it be too much to use all the colors of a pack of crayons?

I thought immediately of my quilt--rainbows of summer. Certainly that uses lots and lots of colors. Think of the accent pieces that could be used. Blues and navy, purple and magenta.

Right now I am fascinated with my pillows. Tiny tiny strips of fabric that combine to create rich colors and wonderful textures. I feel there is so much I can do with this concept. I arrange solid colors on the design board. Make the pillows which I wrote about here. Then I think of stripes. Oh this will be fun. It looks almost retro doesn't it.

Stripes in rainbow colors like this one. Isn't it fun?

I try another one. They do remind me of the fifties don't they. Lawn furniture. Warm days. I can see a couple as accent pieces bringing in just the right color. The fun of deciding what color works. That little surprise of yellow.  I love the possibilities.

Maybe even a wall hanging. The colors must be just right. Chosen with care and knowledge as to what I am doing. A new challenge.  Is this spring? The thought of light and possibilities? Is this the promise?

What do you think? Do you get inspired as the weather gets warmer?


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