Thursday, January 27, 2011

when the quilt begins to sing

Some blog posts are long and thought out--dealing with questions--what is art? what is craft? All those issues that I think about. These posts raise questions--more issues to think about--can functional work be art? what labels should one use? Other posts are short and too the point.

I feel like I was getting bogged down with the current quilt.  First I was excited--it was going to be great--I just knew it.  The pieces just flowed together. Then those periods of doubts--is it too dark? too red? are the colors too seasonal? The should-a, would-a, could-a phase. Don't you hate that--working on the faith that maybe there is something in the idea but not really sure if you believe it yourself.

There was too much invested in the quilt to quit now. I don't need another UFO if you know what I mean. Plus the Baltimore Craft Show is in less than a month--argh!! There is not time to do anything else. So I slugged onward. The hand finish work is the worst--so much time to think and worry. It seems like I will never ever get it done. You must know that feeling also.

Then today I added another row and looked at it. Suddenly the colors start to glow.  The color progression is starting to work. The repetition is adding to the piece. Now I have a purpose. No time for a long blog post. I want to finish it--take it to my photographer for its formal portrait. I can plan other items to get my display to work at the show.  Of course I still two more rows to add up at the top. Bindings. Velcro. Cleaning it up. Ironing it. I hang the almost finished quilt next to colors of autumn. Won't they look great together?

The snow has stopped, the sun is shining. I snap a picture--just a hint--since my readers are so great. What do you think?  Is this quilt starting to sing? Have you ever felt that sudden sense of relief?


  1. Also getting ready for Baltimore and slogging along through the work, hoping to end up creating "Art" -- so I understand this post COMPLETELY. Good luck!

  2. ooooh! that is glowing indeed.

    Oh I really feel like you are writing my thoughts. I've been dealing with procrastination on a commission. I'm trying to understand why. Every time I make myself work on it, things go great. But overall, it's not my style and. sigh. And i have other deadlines... so I spent five or six days cleaning and rearranging the studio. Now suddenly I want to start a new project! lol

    This is all new for me. I don't know how you do it.. how you deal with it. Running or jogging helps me focus nervous energy.

    What do you do? Journal? Blog? Run? Eat... ?

    : )

  3. Hi Susan and Monika,

    Looking forward to seeing you Susan in Baltimore--what fun. Where is your booth?
    And Monika--recently I have been snow shoeing. I am actually lucky because I have regular hours at the studio so I can either sit there and fidget or get some work done. Blogging is what I do to keep my mind active.