Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the quilts of Ann Brauer--September Show

This is my monthly post on upcoming shows.

Just a brief note--despite the heat and lack of rain, the summer has absolutely sped by.My DH and I had a great time up in northern New Hampshire--hiked up a couple of wonderful mountains, kayaked on Umbagog--that place goes on forever--and found a few waterfalls. In between, I made some new quilts in the studio--it was air-conditioned when I needed it--and worked in my garden. Lots of peaches and tomatoes. The daylilies were spectacular.

Already a few trees have started to turn color around here--I think foliage season will be early because of the lack of rain.Today I am packing for my end of the summer craft fair at Long's Park in Lancaster, PA.  If you don't know, this is one of my favorite craft shows--well, actually it is both and art and craft show--that winds around a lovely pond. The exhibitors come from across the country bringing both wonderful high end work and plenty of smaller items for those who just want something. My booth will be in a different location this year--it's #173-174 down toward the exit. I hope many of you will find me there.

Of course you can also find my work at the Fuller Museum Craft Shop in Brockton, MA and the Blue Stone Gallery in Milford, PA. Later in the year my quilts will be in two shows--one at the OSilas Gallery in Bronxville, NY and also at the National Museum of Quilts in Paducah, KY--but more on those later. When I am not doing a show, my studio in Shelburne Falls is open. And I do continue to post regularly on blog-- and on Facebook-- Do check these sites out.

This piece is called autumn dawn--in honor of the change in the seasons.

What do you think? Do your colors change with the seasons?

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