Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John Gerrard at the Hirshorn

Today after setting up for the craft show, we went to the Hirshorn Museum in Washington DC --I do love this museum, so simple and elegant. Lots of wonderful work. Frank Stella, Sol Lewitt, James Turrell, Rothko. But I thought the most amazing exhibit was by John Gerrard--an Irish born artist I had not previously heard of.

He manipulated still photos into a panoramic movie showing landscapes and the passing of time in three separate movies--one of an oil derrick, one of a pig farm in Oklahoma and also a dust storm in Colorado that seemed to roll in and give the terror and immensity--is that a word--of the prairie and the force of nature in total silence. Sitting and watching the movies and the different but slow progressions against a prairie landscape was absolutely amazing. The colors were so subtle.

Oh I do see quilts from these images. Have you seen any great shows in museums recently?

If you happen to be in DC before May 31,  I strongly recommend this exhibit--you do need to sit through the movie to see the changes.

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